What Is the Best Way to Brake to Avoid Brake Failure in Gary, IN?

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There are about as many different driving styles as there are people. When it comes to stopping and turning, some drivers prefer sharp, fast turns and sudden stops while others prefer a smoother, slower ride. You may not be aware that the way you drive could be putting stress on your car and eventually even causing brake failure in Gary, IN. Keep reading to find the best way to brake for the health of your vehicle.

Sudden stops and brake stress

When you’re in a hurry, you may be tempted to continue to accelerate, even when you can see the cars in front of you are stopped. This mental game of thinking you’re going to get to your destination faster that way, or hoping that by the time you get to the stopped cars or red light that traffic will start moving again, is not only futile, but also puts undue stress on your vehicle.

When you brake suddenly, you put stress on the brake pads, rotors and other components. Your brake pads only have about 30,000 to 70,000 miles in them, and putting more stress on them will only shorten their lifespan. Plus, it causes the car’s nose to dip, which puts additional stress on the suspension. Additionally, chronic sudden stopping can overheat the brake rotors, leading to warping. This will require the brake rotors to be machined and re-rounded, which is almost as expensive as a new rotor.

You may also want to consider your passengers in your car, as well as yourself. Stopping suddenly can cause your passengers to jolt forward and bump their heads. Plus, riding in a jolting car causes carsickness at worst, and is just unpleasant for everyone at best.

The calm, healthy approach to stopping

If you’re a chronic sudden stopper, you may wonder what you should be doing instead. When you see traffic is stopped or the light is red about 100 yards in front of you, you should take your foot off the gas and start coasting to begin slowing down. Continuing to accelerate toward a stop is just a waste of gas, and will not get you to your destination any faster.

When you’re a reasonable distance away from your eventual stop, begin gently applying the brakes. The goal is to never change the amount of pressure you put on the brake pedal, so you end up at a complete stop right where you need to.

A perfect brake could look like pushing the pedal 25 percent of the way down, and keeping it pressed at 25 percent until you come to a stop exactly where you ought to. Coasting gradually, then braking softly and consistently is the way to go to avoid brake failure in Gary, IN.

It’s important to have your brakes inspected regularly, even when you’re taking care of them and your vehicle. Miller Brakes and Mufflers, Inc. is your premier stop for any and all auto repair services. Avoid brake failure in Gary, IN by coming in for an inspection today.

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