The Importance of Emission Testing

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As a driver, you know the importance of bringing your car to the shop for regular inspections and oil changes, but unless you also. come in for an emissions test, you’re not doing everything you can for your car. This post will cover the importance of emission testing in Gary, IN:

  • Help the environment: Sadly, car emissions are horrible for the environment. Carbon monoxide and all of the other gases that come out of the muffler are partially responsible for rising temperatures around the world. After an emissions test, our professionals can work on your car to reduce the volume of harmful gases it produces.
  • Stay in compliance: Because emissions are so bad for the environment, the government regulates them. If your car doesn’t pass an emissions test, you may not be able to obtain a registration for your vehicle. In some cases, you may even have to pay a fine. Have no fear—our technicians can make any necessary repairs if your car doesn’t pass its inspection.
  • Improve your vehicle’s performance: Some of the top reasons why vehicles fail an emissions test have to do with some kind of issue under the hood. We can fix that! After you fail the test, our professionals will take a look and repair the problem. On top of being in compliance with state regulations, your vehicle will run better and get better gas mileage.

Common reasons for failure

An emissions test doesn’t always go the way a driver would like. Here are a few of the most common reasons vehicles don’t pass emission testing in Gary, IN:

  • Rich air-fuel mix: A faulty oxygen sensor or malfunctioning injectors can put too much fuel through the catalytic converter, which will burn out the system. If that’s the case, your mechanic will most likely have to replace your converter if you want to pass the inspection.
  • Worn spark plugs: Older spark plugs can cause your vehicle to produce more emissions than it should. Luckily, this is a quick fix that you may even be able to perform on your own! Replace your spark plugs regularly to avoid this issue.
  • Defective EVAP system: The evaporation emission control system (EVAP) is responsible for preventing gas vapors from leaking out of the tank—and, as you can imagine, if something is wrong with it, you’re not going to pass the emissions test. Finding the exact root of the problem with an EVAP system is tricky, and something that’s best left to the pros.
  • Leaking gas cap: If you’re lucky, the reason your car didn’t pass its emissions test is simply that the gas cap is broken. Make sure the gas cap isn’t cracked or damaged, and that it always creates a tight seal when you twist it.

Whether you need emission testing in Gary, IN to stay in compliance with local laws or you want to ensure your vehicle runs to the best of its ability, be sure to come to Miller Brakes and Mufflers, Inc. Give us a call today to set up an emissions test or to find out what we can do for your car.

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