The Causes of Flat Tires

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Your tires are important to the safety, efficiency and performance of your vehicle, and the condition of your tires is even more crucial during the fall and winter seasons, when adverse weather contributes to hazardous road conditions. With that in mind, you should make sure you are aware of the many different causes of flat tires and the importance of proper tire upkeep in Gary, IN.

Flat tires can occur anytime and anywhere. Whether you’re pulling out of your driveway in the morning or you’re driving on the highway, a flat tire can be inconvenient, dangerous and costly to repair or replace. By being mindful of the causes of flat tires, you can keep yourself prepared on the road. Some of the potential causes of flat tires include:

  • Wear and tear: Over time, your tires will naturally wear out and start to lose their tread depth. If your tires become excessively worn, they will be far more susceptible to damage from road hazards and adverse road conditions. Worn-out tires can even go flat under normal driving conditions, which is why it’s so important to replace your tires in accordance with manufacturer recommendations.
  • Pressure imbalance: Another issue that can cause your tires to go flat is an imbalance in the air pressure. If the air pressure gets too low or fluctuations in external temperatures affect the pressure of your tires, they are more likely to pop while you’re driving. The best way to avoid flat tires caused by pressure imbalance involves regularly checking your tires’ pressure and topping off their air as necessary. Many modern vehicles come equipped with a sensor that will illuminate a light on your dashboard if one of your tires is low.
  • Road hazards: Glass, nails, screws and debris on the road can cause your tires to become punctured and go flat. These hazards should be avoided, but sometimes it’s impossible to see these things on the road, let alone navigate around them. Depending on how serious the damage is, you might be able to get your tire patched. However, some damage from road debris is so serious that it requires tire replacement.
  • Valve stem damage: Damage to the valve stem from dirt and debris can cause air to leak out of your tires. As your tires lose air, they are more likely to go flat if you run over debris or hit a patch of rough road.

Tire upkeep in Gary, IN

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