Brake Dust: Is It Dangerous? How Brake Service in Gary, IN Can Help

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You can use Pledge on your end tables and mantle to keep them free of dust particles. But what can you do about brake dust? Is the accumulation of this debris on your car inevitable, and will it hurt your car? You might also be concerned that brake dust is an indication that your brakes are going bad. Do you need brake service in Gary, IN if you notice brake dust on your wheels?

These are all common questions, and their answers are important to know for proper car maintenance. Use the following FAQ to educate yourself on this topic and understand when you need brake service in Gary, IN.

What is brake dust?

Brake dust is simply the particles from your brakes, which wear off with use. This dust is inevitable. When you push the brake, the brake pads heat up and the metallic particles wear off the pads. As they wear away, they take on a static charge, which makes the particles cling to your wheels and other parts of your car.

Brake dust is also generated when brake rotors are made of cast iron. As these rotors wear, the iron breaks down, and the particles stick to your vehicle.

Why is brake dust generated?

The materials used for brakes and brake pads naturally generate this dust. Manufacturers continue to try to find a balance between environmental issues and top performance for brakes. Modern brakes are designed in such a way that they slowly wear away, which causes the release of dust.

Does the presence of brake dust mean I need brake service in Gary, IN?

Fortunately, no. Brake dust naturally occurs as your brakes are used, but its presence doesn’t mean that your brakes are completely worn. You don’t have to rush to get brake service in Gary, IN if you notice brake dust on your wheels or other parts of your car.

Is there anything I can do to prevent brake dust?

Unfortunately, there isn’t. Since this is a natural by-product of brake use, you cannot prevent it entirely. If you are concerned that the dust makes your car unattractive, you can simply wash it away on a regular basis. It typically comes off fairly easily.

Will brake dust damage my car?

Probably not. If corrosive chemicals were used in the making of your brake pads, it’s possible that leaving the dust on your vehicle could cause corrosion. Usually, though, the dust simply makes your car look dirty, but causes no further damage. If you want to make sure the dust causes no harm, simply clean your wheels frequently. The dust can be wiped away easily.

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