How Catalytic Converters Are Beneficial for You and the Environment

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While they now come standard on all internal combustion engine vehicles, there was a time in the not too distant past when catalytic converters were a relatively controversial topic. The catalytic converter is a device on your car’s exhaust system that converts the harmful gases caused by the combustion process into less harmful gases prior to passing them out through the muffler. The catalytic converter is made of a number of rare and precious metals that trigger chemical reactions when exposed to the gases caused by fuel combustion.

Made using palladium, rhodium and platinum, catalytic converters are a frequent target of theft due to the concentration of precious metals inside them. If you suspect that your car’s catalytic converter is missing or isn’t functioning as well as it should be, you should visit an exhaust shop in Gary, IN right away. Professional car care experts can properly diagnose any issues that you may be experiencing with your car’s exhaust system.

Here are just a few signs that your car’s catalytic converter may not be working as intended:

  • Engine misfires: If your engine is misfiring, it could be a sign that your catalytic converter is becoming too hot and causing issues in the combustion chamber. If your fuel mixture is too rich, it may also result in raw fuel entering the converter module, which could result in degradation of the catalytic element after a relatively short period of exposure.
  • Degraded fuel efficiency: One of the common issues associated with catalytic converter failure is degraded fuel efficiency. Clogged converters can also place back-pressure on the engine itself, resulting in generally reduced engine performance. If you’ve noticed a sudden, dramatic reduction in the fuel efficiency of your car, you should reach out to a shop specializing in the repair of catalytic converters in Gary, IN.
  • Fuel vapor: If there’s fuel vapor near the intake to your car’s carburetor, there’s a strong chance that you’ve got an issue with your car’s catalytic converter. You can test this by removing the muffler and asking a friend to shine a light directly at the intake of the carburetor. If you can see vaporized fuel, seek professional help as soon as possible.
  • Foul smells: Cars with catalytic converter issues will often emit foul odors. If it seems like your car’s exhaust odor is becoming more noticeable or severe, you should reach out for the assistance of a trusted exhaust shop in Gary, IN.

Since 2000, Miller Brakes and Mufflers, Inc. has been a trusted provider of catalytic converters in Gary, IN. If you suspect that there’s something amiss with your vehicle’s exhaust system, bring it in for diagnostics from one of our highly skilled, exceptionally trained mechanics. We are a trusted exhaust shop in Gary, IN. Our team of mechanics is committed to helping you make the most of your vehicle. Reach out to one of our friendly representatives today to learn more about ways that we can help you repair or replace your car’s catalytic converter.

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