Four Signs That Your Car Is in Need of a Wheel Alignment

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Have you ever had an issue with your car alignment in Gary, IN? If you have, then you know what a pain it can be, and how it can make even the simplest car trips so much more complicated and difficult. Fortunately, misaligned wheels are a fairly simple thing for an experienced and high-quality mechanic to fix—but first, you need to know how to spot the obvious signs that your wheels are misaligned.

There are a few common problems that are actually caused by wheel misalignment. In fact, there is a solid chance that you are experiencing one of these problems right now, and do not even realize that car misalignment is the root issue!

With this in mind, here is an overview of four signs your car is in need of a wheel alignment:

  • Pulling to the left or right: When you drive straight down the street, do you notice that your car or truck naturally drifts to the left or right? If this is the case for you, then there is a strong chance that your vehicle is in need of a proper wheel alignment. Car alignment in Gary, IN is very important, and drifting to the right or left when driving can easily cause an accident. And even if it doesn’t cause a collision, it is certainly annoying to try driving that way! Fortunately, your auto repair shop in Gary, IN can help.
  • Uneven tire ware: Are the tires on one side of your car wearing down quickly, while the ones on the other side are still in fairly good shape? This is a classic sign of wheel misalignment. And while nobody relishes the idea of spending an afternoon at the mechanic’s shop, the good news is that this is a quick and easy fix for a trained professional. Don’t let the problem get so bad that you need to pay for new tires!
  • Crooked steering wheel: Having a crooked steering wheel when you are driving completely straight is another telltale sign that your wheel alignment is not how it ought to be. Fortunately, this is yet another frustrating problem that can be quickly remedied by visiting your local auto repair shop in Gary, IN. Just tell them you think there’s something wrong with your wheel alignment, and the problem will likely be repaired in no time.
  • Tires that squeal: If you have ever driven on tires that screech or squeal, then you know how unsettling and annoying the situation can be. The cause of this common issue is no secret—in fact, it is quite often caused by a wheel that is not properly aligned. Do not hesitate to bring your car to the auto shop when you notice your tires are starting to squeak.

Now that you are aware of the most common signs of a wheel misalignment, you will know when you need to visit your local auto shop. If you are worried your car isn’t properly aligned, feel free to visit Miller Brakes and Mufflers, Inc. today!

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