Signs You Need an Auto Repair Shop in Gary, IN to Look at Your Suspension

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While it’s fairly easy to tell if your car’s suspension system is having issues, you might not have a clue what the problem is. To avoid expensive repair bills, it’s important to get worn or damaged shocks, springs, struts, ball joints and tie rods diagnosed as soon as possible. These issues can damage your car and make it unsafe to drive any distance. Watch for the usual symptoms of a bad or failing suspension system, especially since some symptoms can cross over to other types of car component or system issues.

Without further ado, here are some signs you should have an auto repair shop in Gary, IN check out your suspension system.

Bumpy ride

There are numerous reasons why your car might not drive as smoothly these days. While worn or damaged tires is a reasonable assumption, excessively bumpy or rough rides can signal another problem: a failing suspension. A pretty clear indicator that your suspension is the problem is that you’re able to feel every bump in the road, and those bumps make your car bounce. To test your suspension on your own, put your car in park, put all your weight on the front end, then release. If the vehicle bounces up and down, the struts and shocks need to be replaced.

Difficulty steering

Some older vehicles don’t have power steering, while most modern cars do. Regardless, if you’re having a difficult time steering—which can be especially hard when you’re driving slowly—there might be a problem with your suspension. An indication of this is the steering may feel like it’s slipping when maneuvering the steering wheel or holding it in a turned position. The problem could be with a component in your steering system, including low or leaking power steering fluid, a loose power steering belt or worn control arm bushings.

Drifting or pulling

Hitting a pothole or curb hard is the quickest way to throw off your alignment, or even break a vehicle component like your suspension springs. If your car suddenly starts drifting or pulling to the left or right, your first instinct may be to check the tires. Sure, the tires might be out of alignment or worn down, but pulling is also a common sign of suspension problems. It’s also hard to diagnose without the skilled eye of a professional mechanic. Poor alignment can cause pulling, fights with your steering wheel and decreased gas mileage.

Car sitting low

Do you notice one corner of your vehicle sitting lower than the other? This problem is very noticeable when your car is parked on level ground, and it’s typically caused by a damaged spring. Signs include a clunking sound when going over bumps and having trouble taking corners, which is happening because a damaged spring simply cannot support all that weight. To test for a spring problem, park on level ground, push down on the trunk, let go and then listen for the suspension’s reaction. Cracking or squealing means you’ve got a suspension issue.

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