Five Ways to Preserve Your Brakes

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Cars require constant maintenance, but there are some ways to preserve certain parts of your vehicle. Consider your brakes, for example. Depending upon how you drive, you can make them last a long time or grind them down very quickly. If you’re constantly replacing your brakes, the problem may be with your driving habits, or you’ll want a professional brake shop in Gary, IN to take a look. Here are the best ways to extend the life of your brakes:

  • No need for speed: The biggest way to quickly grind your brakes down is to stop from high speeds. The difference between higher speeds can be surprisingly more impactful. Stopping from 65 mph instead of 55 mph means the brakes are dissipating and dealing with about a third more energy. Brakes that have to deal with more energy don’t last as long. If you’re able to cut down on high-speed braking, you’ll greatly extend the life of your brakes before having to get professional brake service in Gary, IN.
  • Don’t push both pedals: Some people drive with one foot for both pedals, while others drive with two feet, one for each pedal. If you drive with both feet, be wary of accidentally pressing down on the brakes while still on the gas. The more you press on both the brakes and gas, the more friction and energy the brakes are dealing with and the less life they have. One way to avoid this is just to use one foot to press the pedals. This stops you from accidentally hitting the brakes.
  • Coasting away: If you’re driving at high speeds, like on the highway, one of the best ways to slow down without wearing down your brakes is to coast. This can make a huge difference. If you coast down from 65 mph to 50 mph or less instead of braking, you can save a lot of brake life. This can be easily accomplished by looking ahead and planning ahead. If there are stoplights coming up, coasting to a stop saves your brakes, unlike braking at the last minute.
  • Memorize the way: One way to know when to coast is to memorize your route. Know when there are hills or turns that cause other drivers to slow down. Knowing this ahead of time means you can coast when others are braking. Just as above, coasting instead of braking means less wear and tear on your brakes.
  • Get your brakes checked: A good time to get your brakes checked is when you rotate your tires. Know that if you buy cheap brakes, they likely won’t last very long. A professional brake shop in Gary, IN can match brakes with your driving needs. You’ll also want to keep up on your car maintenance. The better the rest of the car runs, the less wear on your brakes.

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