Basic Maintenance Routines to Increase Car Life

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Congratulations! You finally bought your dream car! Whether it’s a sports car or a truck, you now need to make your new vehicle last as long as possible. Purchasing a new car is a major investment that requires regular maintenance to ensure you get the most for your money. Plus, many drivers are now hanging on to their cars for more than a decade, which is an eternity compared to the past average ownership length of about five years. Performing regular maintenance will keep the vehicle in the best condition for however long you choose to drive it. Follow this simple maintenance routine to increase the life of your vehicle:

  • Change the oil: This is one of the most basic but important maintenance steps. Maintaining an adequate amount of oil will help lubricate the parts to prevent any damage to the engine caused by friction. The frequency of oil changes will vary based on the type of vehicle and the level of use. Typically, an oil change is recommended every 3,000 miles or every three months. Talk to an auto mechanic in Gary, IN to establish the best schedule for your particular car.
  • Take care of the tires: Rotating the tires will prevent uneven tread wear and any unexpected blowouts. Plan to have them rotated every 6,000 to 7,500 miles. Keeping the tires properly inflated based on the manufacturer’s recommended levels will also help. Both under- and overinflated tires frequently experience increased wear and can decrease the car’s gas mileage. Pull out the tire pressure gauge at least once per month to keep them adequately inflated.
  • Maintain proper fluid levels: Your car relies on a variety of different fluids to run, including brake fluid, coolant and transmission fluid. Each of these fluids has a specific role to play in keeping the car on the road for thousands of miles. Keep the fluids topped off throughout the life of the car to ensure the best performance.
  • Handle repairs quickly: A strange noise, broken part or any other sudden changes should be inspected and repaired by an auto mechanic in Gary, IN as soon as possible. Putting them off for too long can result in additional damage and costly emergency repairs.
  • Check the brake pads: A car with bad brakes isn’t adequately prepared for the road. The vehicle can’t properly stop for a pedestrian unexpectedly crossing the road or a surprise roadway hazard. Replace the brake pads as soon as they begin to wear and thin. This serves to both keep you safe on the road and prevent damage to the rotors.
  • Change engine filter: This one can be put off to every 12,000 miles, but it’s still important. Dust will begin to accumulate on the engine filter. The buildup can be detrimental to your gas mileage and can even negatively impact the performance of the engine.

A reliable auto mechanic in Gary, IN is crucial to keeping your car in top condition for the years and miles to come. Call Miller Brakes and Mufflers, Inc. today to learn more about how our services can help you get the most from your car.

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