How Severe Cold Affects Cars

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It’s important to take care of regular auto maintenance in Gary, IN year-round. However, winter months often make additional demands on vehicles. During these cold temperatures, your car may suffer in many ways. Following are the most common effects of extreme cold and helpful steps you can take to prevent or repair them:

  • Low tires: In cold temperatures, the air in your tires contracts. It offers less pressure for the tires. As a result, your tires can become underinflated. You may notice a low tire indicator on your dash. This doesn’t mean your tire is flat, but it does deserve attention. It’s a good idea to check your tire pressure more frequently in the winter. Ensure all the tires remain at healthy pressure levels for the season.
  • Dead battery: Batteries and winter usually don’t get along well. The harsh cold is tough on batteries. During extreme temperatures, your car may not start. In case you experience this issue, always carry jumper cables in your car. To help prevent this problem, keep up to date on your auto maintenance in Gary, IN. Ensure your battery has clean, tight and rust-free connections. It’s also good to replace batteries every three years or so.
  • Icy fuel: Your gasoline shouldn’t freeze, but you may get ice in the fuel lines. If moisture works its way in here, the water can freeze and clog the fuel line. To help prevent this, keep your gas tank at least half full during cold weather.
  • Wimpy wipers: Winter weather can be hard on wiper blades. The rubber can become brittle and cracked. A lot of salt and slush on the road can clog up your blades and obscure your glass. This debris can also cause you to use a lot of washer fluid. To ensure clear driving in the winter, choose winter wiper blades or replace them at the beginning of each winter. Also, make sure you have plenty of washer fluid on hand to refill your tank if needed.
  • Interior ice: Do you have ice buildup on the inside of your windshield? If so, your defrost system is not working properly. Because of this, your breath is condensing and freezing on the inside of the glass. To repair this issue, take your car to a trusted mechanic for auto maintenance in Gary, IN. A clear view is essential for safe driving, so don’t wait to make this repair.
  • Slow screens: Is your vehicle equipped with any LCD screens? You may notice these are slow to respond during cold weather. There’s really not much you can do in this situation except have patience. The screens simply need time to warm up. Give them a few minutes to get their liquid crystals moving, and they should be fine.

To keep your car running smoothly this winter, keep it current on all auto maintenance in Gary, IN. If you need assistance with any of the above issues or other potential problems, don’t hesitate to contact the experts at Miller Brakes and Mufflers, Inc. We offer top-level service to protect your car from the cold.

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