How Often Do You Need Tire Rotation in Gary, IN?

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Your tires and wheels are some of the most important components on your vehicle. When your tires are in good condition, they allow you to maintain traction on the road and prevent slipping and swerving while you’re driving. While you might know how important it is to monitor your tires’ tread depth and replace them if it gets too low, you might not know just how important tire rotation is to the overall quality and function of your tires.

Since cars don’t usually have their weight distributed evenly between all four tires, it is common for some of your tires to wear more rapidly than others. Over time, this uneven wear can increase the incidence of swerving or hydroplaning while you’re on the road. Tire rotation in Gary, IN can help to prevent these issues, so it’s important that you have this service performed regularly.

The basics of tire rotation

Tire rotation is usually an affordable maintenance service to have completed. You can typically expect to pay about $20 to have the service done, although some shops may offer a complimentary rotation if you are getting an oil change or another service. To have your tires rotated, your car needs to be put on a lift and elevated above the ground. Then, a technician will rotate your back tires to the front of your vehicle and vice versa. In cases where your tires have irregular wear, a technician may choose to rotate them in a different configuration so that wear is distributed as evenly as possible.

Frequency of rotation

Although there isn’t a complete consensus among mechanics about just how frequently tire rotation in Gary, IN should be done, it’s generally a good idea to have it done every 3,000 to 5,000 miles. To make it easier to remember, you can simply have your tires rotated every time you have your oil changed. Since your car may already be lifted to have this service done, it’s easy for the mechanic to get the rotation done at the same time.

Tire rotation is especially important if you have an all-wheel drive vehicle, since uneven wear may damage the all-wheel drive system. You should also pay attention to your tires and keep your eye out for signs of uneven wear. If your tire tread seems to be uneven, it’s a good idea to have it looked at by a mechanic.

Schedule tire rotation in Gary, IN

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