How to Warm Your Car When It’s Cold

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When temperatures drop, new car concerns arise. If your vehicle has been sitting in the cold for hours or even days, it could use a little extra TLC to get going again. The right auto maintenance in Gary, IN is essential to treat your car well in the cold.

Taking a few extra minutes to warm up your car can make a huge difference. This is especially true with older models. However, even modern cars can benefit from a little warm up. Here are five reasons to warm up your car:

  • Gasoline: Gasoline doesn’t evaporate as well in the cold. This means it is harder to vaporize in freezing temperatures. As a result, the gasoline may go into the car’s cylinders in droplet form. It simply clings to the walls as a liquid rather than burning to power your car.
  • Rubber: There are a lot of rubber parts in your car. These essential hoses and gaskets could use a little time to warm up. When rubber is cold, it becomes brittle and can break more easily. When you give these parts a few minutes to warm up before putting strain on them, they are less likely to crack or snap apart.
  • Oil: When oil is cold, it becomes thick and tacky. This viscosity reduces its performance. You want your car’s parts flowing with slick, lubricating oil. To allow this to happen, you should give your car a few minutes to warm up. This allows the oil to become less viscous and circulate in a healthy way throughout your engine, before you put any demand on it.
  • Frost: Have you ever pulled away with a half-cleared windshield? Can you always see clearly out the rear window when you start your winter commute? Why take this risk? You need to be able to see clearly to drive safely. Warm up your car and give the defroster a few minutes to do its job.
  • Comfort: If temperatures are below freezing, the interior of your car probably won’t be comfortable for a while. Still, an extra five minutes before you pull away can make your drive much more comfortable. The steering wheel won’t be as offensively cold to the touch. The seat will be warmer. All of the controls will be easier to handle. This increased comfort can make your drive more pleasant. Because you are more comfortable and at ease, it will also make your drive safer.

How to Properly Warm Up Your Car

To give your car time to warm up before you drive, start it five minutes before you need to leave. That’s all. Just five minutes (10 at most) is plenty of time for the car to prepare for takeoff. Any longer is a waste of gasoline. Some people warm their cars for up to 20 minutes. They may like the warmer interior, but it’s certainly not necessary for proper auto maintenance in Gary, IN.

Warm It Up

This winter, treat your car with healthy auto maintenance in Gary, IN. When temperatures drop, allow a few extra minutes for your travel time. Give your car the care it needs to function optimally in the cold. If you experience any problems with warming your car or other auto maintenance in Gary, IN, contact the pros at Miller Brakes and Mufflers, Inc. for expert assistance.

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