Know Your Vehicle’s Warning Lights!

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The technology in cars seems to get more and more advanced with each new model year. Among other things, better technology improves driver and passenger safety and lets you know when your vehicle needs auto repair in Gary, IN. All of the gadgets that detect problems with your car have dashboard icons associated with them. When a dashboard icon illuminates, you know your car has some sort of issue that requires repair. But do you know what all of those lights mean? If not, continue reading to learn the meaning behind some of the most common lights:

  • Check engine: The check engine icon (which usually looks like a small engine) is one of the most commonly illuminated icons on dashboards across the country. The image may light up for a wide variety of reasons. There could be an issue with anything from your catalytic converter to your oxygen sensor. Bring your car to a certified mechanic so he or she can figure out what the problem is and fix it before it gets worse.
  • Change battery: Even though they last longer than they used to, car batteries don’t run forever. Over time, they don’t hold a charge as well and need to be replaced. When that time comes, your battery icon will light up, letting you know that it’s time for a new one.
  • Temperature warning: The icon that looks like a thermometer is certainly one you want to keep your eye on. The thermometer icon tells you that your engine is running too hot and some kind of breakdown is approaching. The problem could be as minor as a low coolant level or as serious as a broken fan or radiator. Bring your car to a mechanic to diagnose and correct the issue.
  • Transmission temperature: Much like your engine, your transmission can’t operate at extremely high temperatures. If this icon illuminates, your transmission fluid is probably running low and needs to be refilled. You can refill the fluid yourself, but it’s not a bad idea to stop by an auto repair shop to have your car inspected just to be safe.
  • Tire pressure monitoring system: Your tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) continually checks your tire pressure to ensure that your tires are properly inflated. If the pressure in any of the tires drops below 25 percent of the manufacturer’s recommendation, an icon will light up. Check your tire pressure as soon as possible when you see that light, and inflate your tires at the nearest service station.

Avoid dashboard lights

It goes without saying that having a dashboard that’s lit up like a Christmas tree isn’t normal. Thankfully, you can avoid that by scheduling regular maintenance for your vehicle. Trained auto repair technicians can inspect all aspects of your vehicle to ensure everything is functioning as it should be. If something seems to be amiss, we may be able to fix the problem before your dashboard ever lights up.

Regardless of which dashboard icon illuminates, you can trust the professionals at Miller Brakes and Mufflers, Inc. to correct the problem! We have years of experience with auto repair in Gary, IN, and there’s no job too big or too small for our team to tackle. Give us a call today to schedule general maintenance or repair for your vehicle!

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