Do You Need Auto Repair? Here Are Five Reasons Your Car Won’t Start

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Most of us still rely on our vehicle every day. We need it to get us to work, to get the kids to school and to go out and purchase groceries. This means that anytime your car won’t start is a big problem, even if the underlying issue only requires some simple auto repair in Gary, IN.

Because automobiles are performance machines with so many interconnected parts, there are hundreds if not thousands of reasons why your car might not be starting. However, the following five reasons are among the most common causes.

Bad battery

This is where most people’s minds go first, and with good reason. A dead battery—most often caused by something simple, like a light left on in the vehicle—is the most likely cause when your car won’t start. Try carefully cleaning your battery’s connections, and after that, give your vehicle a jump-start. If it struggles to jump-start, or if you find you’re having to jump-start it regularly, the battery is on its last legs and should be changed soon. There are also battery testers out there that you can purchase. These give you a good read on your battery’s health.

Ignition switch issue

Not the battery? Perhaps the ignition switch is to blame. One way of testing weather your battery works without starting the car is to turn on your headlights and interior lights. If these are still drawing power, there’s a pretty good chance that your battery is okay, and your problem is something else.

Faulty starter

A bad starter is usually signaled by a click-click-click noise when you try to turn the ignition. The problem often starts with your vehicle just having trouble starting—you hear the clicking, but it eventually starts—and over time, it takes longer and longer to start until it just doesn’t start anymore. Of course, the problem can occur suddenly, but if you’ve never had trouble starting the car before, it might be something besides the starter at fault.

Clogged fuel filter

A clogged fuel filter can greatly decrease your engine’s power, and may even bring your car to a complete stop. We suggest changing your fuel filter with at least every other oil change. If you don’t, you’re likely putting undue stress on your engine.

Crankshaft position sensor failure

Your crankshaft position sensor essentially tells your vehicle exactly how much fuel your engine needs to output the power you’re requesting from it. This means it tells your car to give the engine more gas when you press the pedal, and requests less gas when you slow down. Crankshaft position sensor failures usually cause problems like noticeable engine vibrations and backfiring, and slow or unpredictable hesitation. However intermittent problems with starting are also extremely common. The problem with a crankshaft sensor issue is that there’s no way to predict when you will and will not experience issues. This type of issue can be simple to fix if it’s just a small electrical malfunction, but it can require expensive auto repair if there are issues with the computer system.

Find quality auto repair in Gary, IN

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