Why Is My Muffler Rattling?

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Mufflers and exhaust systems are highly underrated components of each vehicle. In addition to keeping your car quiet, mufflers and exhaust systems help keep your vehicle fuel-efficient and reduce your vehicle’s emissions. Unfortunately, mufflers are like every component of your car and don’t last forever without running into an issue here and there. One of the most common reasons for muffler repair in Gary, IN is an annoying rattling sound coming from your muffler while you drive down the road. There may be several causes of this rattling noise—continue reading to learn more:

  • Loose or broken bracket: Chances are, your commute isn’t always a smooth ride. Gravel, uneven pavement and large pot holes can make your daily drive rather rough. Those road conditions aren’t just annoying—they can wreak havoc on several aspects of your vehicle. Most notably, poor road conditions harm your tires and suspension system. But a rough drive can also be bad for your muffler. Your muffler is attached to the back of your vehicle with a bracket, and excessive movement from bad roads can cause the bracket to become loose after a while. A loose bracket will make your muffler shake up and down and from side to side. If the bracket isn’t repaired in a timely manner, you run the risk of having a totally broken bracket, and if that’s the case, your muffler can fall off and drag behind your car. If you notice rattling, bring your vehicle into our shop and let our professionals tighten that bracket before we have to put a new one on.
  • Corrosion: In many parts of the country, road crews lay salt and sand down on the roads to help melt ice during winter snowstorms. It works really well to keep the roads safe, but that salt is bad news for your vehicle’s undercarriage. Salt from the road causes the metal in your exhaust system to either rust or corrode. This corrosion can lead to holes in the exhaust system, or can rust out the bracket. Extreme heat from your engine can make this problem even worse after a while. A hole in your muffler can make an annoying rattling sound, and a rusted or corroded bracket can lead to your muffler falling off. Visit our professionals and let us inspect your muffler for any signs of corrosion!
  • Internal debris: Dust and debris on the road can fly up into your exhaust system and cause some issues. Too much debris in your system can eventually cause internal rattling sounds in your muffler. If you think the issue is an internal problem and not an external one, visit our shop. We can diagnose the issue and clear up anything that’s wrong.

If you’ve noticed a rattling sound coming from your muffler, or if you have any other muffler-related issues, give us a call or visit our shop for muffler repair in Gary, IN. The technicians at Miller Brakes and Muffler, Inc. have decades of experience repairing mufflers and can diagnose and repair any issue that you may be experiencing.

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