Time or Mileage Intervals: Which Should Determine How Often You Visit the Auto Repair Shop in Gary, IN?

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Making sure that your car is serviced regularly, whether it is an oil change or timing belt replacement, is critical if you want to extend the life of your car. But when it comes to service, which should you use to determine when to visit the auto shop in Gary, IN: time or mileage?

Using your car manufacturer’s mileage guidelines

As a general rule, the mileage or time intervals that are specified in your car’s manual serve as the best guide for how often you should be getting your car serviced. Everyone uses their car differently, though, and there are so many varying factors that can have an effect on how much strain a car is experiencing, and adhering to the time intervals can be misleading.

For example, a college student who lives in the heart of their campus might find themselves using their car sparingly, only enough to put on a few miles with trips to the local grocery store every couple weeks and a drive home to see family on weekends and holidays. This student will be putting far less wear on their car than someone who has to commute an hour to work every day, or a business person who takes frequent road trips for work.

All of these differing driving scenarios are why it is often difficult to use time intervals. This is precisely why miles driven may be a better gauge for maintenance intervals, because they are able to tell a much more precise story about how much the car is actually being used. It is also easier to monitor the number of miles driven because it is an easily quantifiable number, whereas it might be more difficult for mechanics to determine with specificity how much time has elapsed.

Monitoring time intervals

There will be instances, though, in which the time that has passed and the age of your car will become a more dominant factor. As your car ages, it will see more wear with great frequency, and it is even possible that this wear will come before the car manufacturer’s specified mileage intervals. As your car gets older, it is important to pay closer attention to what your car is telling you each time you get behind the wheel, because the older something is, the more often additional work will be required to keep it in its best condition.

In most cases, the mileage intervals that have been laid out by your car’s manufacturer will be the most accurate guide for when to visit an auto repair shop in Gary, IN. It is important to still monitor the time intervals, however, particularly if you know that you drive frequently or you have an older car. Regardless of which interval you choose to go by, if you are in need of outstanding car repair services, be sure to give us a call at Miller Brakes and Mufflers, Inc. so we can give you the regular service you need to stay safe and comfortable on the road.

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