Regular Tire Rotation Can Prevent Costly Auto Repair in Gary, IN

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Customers frequently underestimate the value of tire rotation. They may skip this or never keep track of when it is time to have it done. At Miller Brakes and Mufflers, Inc., we include tire rotation with many of our maintenance packages. Here is why tire rotation is important to your vehicle:

  • Cost savings: Tire rotation promotes equal wear, and that helps tires last longer. You will not have to replace them as soon, and they will also require repair less frequently. Also, with even tread, you will save money on gas, and with better braking and steering, you will also avoid the need for auto repair in Gary, IN to your drive train. This simple task leads to many results that make your car less expensive to own and maintain.
  • Better vehicle control: Uneven tread makes cars harder to handle. You may feel the steering wheel shake, and in instances where tread is very uneven, it may even pull. Tread also supports brake performance, which adds to the control of your vehicle. Customers even report better handling on curvy roads. Tire rotation is often a good precaution to assure the success of evasive maneuvers.
  • Improved winter driving: There is no time you require good tire tread more than when snow and ice hit the streets. You will be thankful for the traction when you are commuting home in a snowstorm or need to navigate winter weather through a hilly neighborhood. Winter is frequently hard on tires, so give them extra support by rotating them and promoting better, more even tread.
  • Better fuel efficiency: Tires do not need to work as hard if they are rotated and well maintained. This saves you money each month on your fuel costs. The engine will run more efficiently on better tires, and that helps it use less gas. Even if you need to pay for a tire rotation, it will make up for it by reducing the number of times you need to visit a gas pump. Efficient engines are also cleaner and more reliable.
  • Maintain warranties: Many tire manufacturers will not honor a warranty if you fail to keep up with maintenance. That includes tire rotation. The last thing you need if you face a catastrophic failure is to have your warranty claim denied because you skipped this one part of tire maintenance. Enjoy the benefits of warranties and keep up with the needed work to maintain your tires.
  • Detect problems before disaster occurs: Tire rotation is a good time for a mechanic to see if there are outstanding issues with the shocks, struts, axles and even the tires themselves. This is often a time they notice breaches in the tire wall that could lead to a blowout later, or find other shortcomings that could make driving unsafe. Like with any maintenance, the time to discover repair issues is not when you are stranded and panicked. It is much preferable to address them at a maintenance appointment, when there is less pressure.

For tire rotation and general auto repair in Gary, IN, call Miller Brakes and Mufflers, Inc. today to schedule an appointment.

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