Wheel Alignment Is a Critical Aspect of Auto Repair in Gary, IN

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It should come as no surprise that your car needs to be cared for at all times. At the bare minimum, your vehicle’s oil needs to be checked and changed every so often, and your tires should always be inflated and replaced if they’re too bald. These simple maintenance practices can keep your car running longer and help ensure you don’t have to constantly pay a mechanic for expensive repairs.

Did you know that wheel alignment is also a major part of car maintenance? It’s true! Having wheel alignment performed by experts in auto repair in Gary, IN will work wonders to keep your car safer and on the road longer than other vehicles that haven’t had proper maintenance. Let’s look at more information about wheel alignment and the role it plays in keeping your car in good shape.

What is wheel alignment?

During wheel alignment maintenance, mechanics adjust the angles of your tires to match your car’s needs. There are two different types of wheel alignment: front wheel and four-wheel alignment. The majority of front-wheel drive vehicles only require front wheel alignment: only adjusting the front two tires. That logic makes sense, but experts recommend paying a little extra for four-wheel alignment, especially if you have a four-wheel drive vehicle. Professional auto repair in Gary, IN will probably charge between $40 and $75 for front wheel alignment. Four-wheel alignment is a bit more expensive, but it’s usually worth it if you can spare a few extra dollars. Benefits of regular wheel alignment include:

  • Better gas mileage: It’s common sense that the harder your engine has to work to get your wheels moving, the worse your gas mileage is going to be. Regular wheel alignments improve your tires’ ability to roll, which will help improve your mileage.
  • Reduced tire wear: Since your tires are rolling along more evenly now that you’ve taken your vehicle in for wheel alignment, they’re not going to wear down as quickly. Proper alignment can add thousands of miles onto your tires’ lifespan.
  • Improved handling: Each time your tire hits a curb or you drive over a pothole, your alignment runs the risk of getting all screwed up. Over time, without regular wheel alignment, your handling may get seriously out of whack and require expensive repairs to get everything back to normal.
  • Fewer trips to the mechanic for repairs: If you’ve been getting regular wheel alignments, you’re going to have a better running vehicle. A better running car means fewer trips to get repairs and more money in your pocket at the end of the day!

Most car manufacturers recommend going into the shop for wheel alignment maintenance every 10,000 miles. Check with your manufacturer to see exactly how often they recommend bringing your car into the shop for wheel alignment.

Before your car starts pulling to one side of the road and needing major repairs, bring it in for auto repair in Gary, IN. The team at Miller Brakes and Mufflers, Inc. can quickly and easily perform wheel alignment maintenance and get your car up and running in no time.

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